Creating an internal business change team
We helped a large service provider to plan a major transformation programme and set up an internal business change team.
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Smooth transition to business change
With business change support from Sharpe Pritchard Strategy, a local authority was able to make their offices more efficient with new technology and processes.
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Ensuring active engagement with business change
A large not-for-profit education business transformed their business with radical organisational change.
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Streamlining shared services across three businesses
In the education sector, three businesses in the same not-for-profit group structure recognised they were all competing for the same specialist suppliers required for assessing students’ work.
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Business change and cultural dynamics
Our client had reached a difficult point in their relationship with a major supplier, with entrenched positions on both sides leading poor outcomes for all concerned.
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‘Procure to transform’ project : launch and interim management
Our client had been struggling to launch an initiative to transform arrangements in a housing team and involved procuring a new partner as well as internal transformation activities.
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