case-study-1‘Procure to transform’ project : launch and interim management

Our client had been struggling to launch an initiative to transform arrangements in a housing team and involved procuring a new partner as well as internal transformation activities.  Due to the upcoming expiry of an existing contract, moving the project forward was becoming very urgent.  Having provided advice to the project sponsor in a number of specific areas including ways to clarify the scope and improve project governance, we were then asked to look at the project more holistically.  We redesigned the project to have clear objectives, created an appropriate structure including well defined work streams, secured the resources required to ensure delivery including appropriate technical advisers and agreed a challenging but realistic schedule.  As part of this activity, we were asked to take on the project management on an interim basis to ensure the initiative was properly established.  Despite some early scepticism as to whether dates set out in the schedule were viable, the milestones were achieved and the transition to the internal project manager took place ahead of schedule.