Key steps to planning a major strategic project

If you are about to start planning a major project, or wondering why a particular project is not going to plan, then our free infographic may be of interest. Timothy Farr of Sharpe Pritchard Strategy has summarised our strategic approach to organisation transformation in a simple handy flow chart.

The flow chart summarises our strategic approach to projects and organisational change and features a handy infographic which describes the key steps in the project transformation process.  It identifies the six major stages of the process from the initial recognition of the need for change right through to realisation of the benefits as well as key outputs required to keep the project on track.  There is a focus on the early stages of the transformation project where clarity of vision, a ‘call to arms’ and clear direction are essential ingredients for establishing firm foundations.

The infographic provides a handy reminder that alongside ‘technical’ activities such as a project management, procurement processes and instituting effective contract management, business change must be addressed from the outset to ensure that the ‘people’ aspects are properly managed if the transformation and benefits realisation are to be successful.  Our process includes robust quality assurance including risk management, project reviews and regular health checks to ensure the project remains on track.

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