Procurement services

Getting the process right is critical to the success of procurement projects, and failure to do so can lead to substantial delay, challenge and expense.  The complexity of many procurement practices makes it especially difficult for departments that only engage with this type of work on rare occasions.  Since our specialists deal with procurement projects on a day to day basis across a wider variety of sectors so they are always up to date with the latest regulation and practice.

Procurement support

Across the Sharpe Pritchard group, our procurement expertise is second to none.  We can provide advice about the best process and tactics to adopt in your specific circumstances, train your staff about what’s involved and work with in house procurement teams and project managers to provide additional expertise or capacity.  If you prefer, we can manage the end to end procurement process on your behalf.

Mid-term review

Once the procurement has been successfully concluded and the contract has been in operation, our specialists conduct mid-term reviews both for contractual compliance and to determine the best strategy for the remainder of the contract.

Market knowledge

As well as the process, it is vital to have a good grasp of market opportunities and bidder expectations so that the procurement can be structured in a way that appeals to prospective suppliers.  Our particular specialism is to provide commercial assurance and get the best that the market has to offer to meet the needs of our clients.

Process assurance

Our consultants include experienced reviewers of major public sector programmes who can conduct health checks and reviews at key points during the project to provide a realistic assessment of readiness to proceed to the next stage.

Knowledge transfer

During the course of our assignments, we often work side by side with in-house procurement teams and project managers delivering additional expertise and capacity whilst providing coaching to help develop the client’s staff where appropriate.