Rescue services

Projects are inherently complex and the changes that they are charged with delivering can be hard to achieve.  Against this backdrop, it is perhaps unsurprising that projects sometimes run into difficulties, and our rescue services are designed to get things back on track.

Project recovery

Despite best efforts, sometimes projects fail to thrive as they should.  Our project recovery service takes an objective view of why a project is struggling and creates a roadmap to get things back on track.  By working with the client’s own staff in an open and transparent way, we often find the project recovery process is seen as positive by all concerned.  As well as ensuring project delivery, project recovery can provide great learning opportunities for staff involved.

Contract turnaround

New contract and outsourcing arrangements usually start with high hopes, but sometimes practical realities and frustrations cause the arrangement to go off track.  Our contract turnaround service engages with both parties to understand the root causes of the problem.  Working with the client, a determination can then be made about whether the situation is recoverable or not.  In either case, the service creates recommendations and a plan to set things back on track.

Exit and relaunch

Unfortunately, some projects and contracts can’t be rescued without drastic change. Sometimes this means exiting current arrangements which needs careful handling as the potential for disruption is huge. Sharpe Pritchard Strategy can provide advice on the best course of action including termination as well as less radical alternatives, and can support you through the process once a decision has been made.  Clients in these challenging circumstances value our ability to help them to restore the momentum and develop a credible roadmap so that their initiative can be successfully launched and delivered.