Many organisations need to consider fundamental change to meet the challenges of reduced budgets, increased regulation, changing demographics or countless other drivers.  Our services are designed to support you throughout the transformation programme lifecycle.


Many bodies are keen to make the most of their intellectual property and want to consider trading beyond the boundaries of their own organisations.  Our role often starts with engagement with client staff to identify and evaluate trading opportunities.  If a decision is taken to go ahead with trading, our consultants bring their business, commercial and legal expertise to shape the operating model, design suitable governance and establish any new organisational vehicle if a change is required.  People, process and technology aspects need to be kept aligned throughout the change, and we can lead or support these aspects of the initiative to suit the client’s need.

Business and culture change

New operating models may include different partners, technologies and processes requiring people to work in new ways and often to display new behaviours. This aspect is often neglected until too late in the transformation programme causing delays, costs and frustrations for staff and service users alike.

We provide an objective evaluation of the impact of the change so that all stakeholders can be informed and engaged in an appropriate way. Our consultants are skilled at teasing out the implications so that the necessary actions can be planned and scheduled. These typically range from relatively straightforward training on new processes and systems to longer terms skills development and culture change. It can be difficult for organisations to assess whether they are really ready to ‘go live’ with new ways of working, and our checks provide an independent, impartial view which help senior managers to reduce the risks associated with transformation.

Strategic decision support

Most transformation initiatives start with the recognition that ‘more of the same’ or incremental improvement isn’t going to result in the step change required.  Our strategic decision support services provide you with solid information so that you can make informed decisions about the best ways to tackle your transformation agenda.

Technology support

Our clients often face major decisions about which technology to use, and are well aware that poor decision making can lead to expense and delay and jeopardize the success of the transformation programme.  Our consultants provide clear information about pros and cons and the risks and benefits of different options in a way that is independent from the technology vendors.  This helps to ensure sound decision making based on good evidence.

Operating models

Our services support the people, process and technology essential to any successful transformation.


Our services support the people, process and major change programmes often require rethinking how a service or whole organisation will function.  Our team is skilled at working with clients to understand ‘as-is’ operating models, and designing and communicating target operating models and that create an easily understandable picture of how things will work in the future.  This material becomes an invaluable tool for engaging with stakeholders and getting buy in to new ways of working.essential to any successful transformation.

Process support

One of the key outputs of a transformation programme should be quality processes that delight customers and deliver internal efficiencies.  Our consultants are skilled at assessing and redesigning processes using customer-centric, lean and re-engineering approaches to deliver improved working practices.