Who we work with

We often work in multi-party contexts involving public, private and not-for-profit stakeholders.  It is critical to the successful operation of any major project or contract arrangement that all parties are clear about their own objectives and can share this with potential partners so that the degree of ‘fit’ can be realistically assessed.  Our role is often to facilitate these discussions and to bring to bear our practical experience of the pros and cons of different governance and operating models.

Commercial sector

Our private sector clients are typically those who work in partnership with the public sector or deliver services to them. Our work in a wide range of public sector procurement over many years means that we have extensive experience of evaluating commercial providers, their proposals and their service levels.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly – and can advise directors who wish to adopt best practice in their operations. We work with both senior leaders in private sector organisations helping to develop robust strategies for public-private partnerships as well as managers determining practical ways to achieve the strategy.

Our work with the private sector often involves exploring different models of collaboration which offer win-win outcomes for all those involved in the partnership arrangements.


Our clients in the not-for-profit sector face a variety of challenges including working in efficient and effective ways whilst at the same time coping with regulatory and other changes. They often need to be able to partner effectively with both public and private sector organisations in ways that allow them to remain true to their principles and to be sustainable in the face of increasing demand and growth.

We support our clients in all aspects of transformation, working with senior leaders, project sponsors, governing bodies and front-line staff. This includes steps to future-proof arrangements so that things don’t start to unravel in the face of internal changes or external developments.

Public sector

Our public sector clients include local authorities (individually and in groups / consortia), Government departments, non-departmental public bodies and emergency service authorities.

Our consultants work with senior leaders to develop strategies that allow organisations to realise their vision and fulfil their objectives. Their concerns include the challenges of reduced budgets and the need to do more for less whilst at the same time needing to find better ways of delivering their services to meet rising service user expectations.